Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do you have to see a chiropractor forever?

Once you see a chiropractor, why do you have to go back?
The truth is, you don’t have to go back.
We leave the choice between “relief care” and “wellness care” up to the patient.
Chiropractors look at the health of your nervous system and its “protective fortress”
- the spine. Why? Because your nervous system controls the entire body.
At YFC, we utilize technology to look beyond pain and see how the body functions.
10% of your nervous system’s job is to tell you there’s pain. 90% of the nervous
system is dedicated to the function of your body (ie- muscle tone, heart beating,
lungs breathing, digestive tract working, etc).
When you’re nervous system isn’t healthy, you aren’t healthy.
Here’s an analogy. You go to your dentist and he finds a cavity and it’s filled (relief
care). When leaving, you are told to brush and floss in between visits (stabilization
care) to prevent additional cavities. Lastly, you are told to return in 6 months for a
check-up (wellness care) so that small cavities can be caught early and taken care of.
What if your dentist filled your cavities and sent you on your way, telling you to skip
brushing and flossing and just return if or when you feel pain in your mouth? Would
you “fire” your dentist and find a new one? I hope so.
We don’t make choices for our clients; we simply educate our patients and offer
options, allowing the patient to choose what’s right for them.

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